Natura Charcoal Indonesia has its factory in Jombang, East Java. Registered as CV. PANDAWA BRIKET

You can search “Natura Charcoal Indonesia” on Google Maps.

Of course, we warmly welcome you to our factory. You can tell us the most appropriate schedule for you.

We have no right to claim that our briquettes are the best, because we believe each factory has its quality and uniqueness.
But what makes us believe our briquettes can match the quality you want because we use very good natural raw materials, namely coconut shell charcoal from Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java. In addition, we ensure that every piece briquette is suitable for your needs with minimal error possible.

We ensure that the components in our briquettes match what you want.
Each quality and type certainly has different components, we will adjust according to your needs and desires.
But what you need to know, we use 100% high quality coconut shell charcoal, tapioca flour and water. Without any additional chemicals that will interfere with your experience when using briquettes

Technically, coconut briquette charcoal does not have an expiration date if you store it properly.
But the recommended prime time for a briquette is 1-2 years.

You can directly click the whatsapp button on the bottom right side, or click here and fill out the contact form and we will immediately answer you via email.

Our production capacity per day is about 2 – 3 tons.
We continue to strive to expand our production capacity through the addition of machines and dryers.

This capacity is also influenced by the number of orders we are currently working on.

Yes. You can ask for the size, shape, quality according to your brand standards.
In addition, you can also use your brand packaging specifically.

Below are our payment terms.

  • 50% Advance Payment
  • 40% During the packaging process
  • 10% After close container

The payment terms ratio can be discussed if it doesn’t suit you.

We only accept payment to PT. Natura Citra Indonesia, CV. Pandawa Briket and Sutanto Ivan Tanujaya Bank Account.

Other than that is not our responsibility.

We usually ship our products through the nearest port, namely Tanjung Perak, Surabaya and Tanjung Emas, Semarang.

Yes. We provide free samples, you only need to pay the shipping cost from Indonesia to your country.

Before making an advance payment, we also hope that you can visit our factory to confirm the product you want.
In addition, we are a legally registered company. You can check whether PT. Natura Citra Indonesia and CV. Pandawa Briket are properly registered.

We always carry out transparent transactions, we also always uphold that the trust of our customers is the greatest asset so that we will not disappoint the trust that you have given.

+62 895 7005 59935

East Java, Indonesia

Factory & Main Office

PT. Natura Citra Indonesia | CV. Pandawa Briket |  Natura Charcoal Indonesia | Jombang, East Java, Indonesia.

+62 895 7005 59935

[email protected]

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