Indonesia Charcoal Briquette Quality – Which One is Better

Compare the quality of charcoal for each purpose, how to know it is the best one?

Briquette Charcoal Premium Burning

With so many types of charcoal, sometimes it makes us confused, which one is actually good and good for us to use. There are different types of charcoal, with different purposes and uses. This time we will discuss more about coconut briquette charcoal which is good for Shisha/Hookah. There are several things that we must pay attention to and know before buying coconut briquette charcoal from suppliers or producers, here are important things that must be understood and observed:


1. Check the Raw Materials that they used.

Coconut shell charcoal

Before going into the main part of the product, we must first know what raw materials are used, make sure it matches what we want, and make sure they have their own warehouse for storing coconut shell charcoal. A good coconut shell charcoal is coconut shell charcoal originating from the islands of Sulawesi and Sumatra, because it can produce ash with a brighter color than charcoal from the island of Java, but as long as the coconut shell charcoal is burned and cooked perfectly, it will still produce coconut briquette charcoal with good quality.

2. Determining the quality of coconut briquette charcoal.

Briquette Charcoal Premium Burning

After knowing the raw materials used, we must know what exactly is the benchmark in determining the quality of coconut briquette charcoal, here are some important things that you must make sure:

  1. Charcoal is free from smell and weird taste
  2. No cracks and sparks
  3. After burning produced a thin ash content and light ash color
  4. Long burning time and easy to light (approx 3 – 4 minutes per side to light).
  5. Glowing color and no black spot.

These are five things that really make your shisha/hookah experience better.

3. Free from smell and weird taste.

Charcoal Indonesia 

Odd smells and tastes can interfere with the shisha/hookah experience of your customers, this must be considered in detail, there are many things that cause this problem:

  1. Not using good quality coconut shell charcoal.
  2. Using bulk binders at low prices, a good recommendation for tapioca flour to use in our opinion is rose brand.
  3. The cooking process is not perfect at the time of blending, and the dough is sitting too long after blending, so that the smell of tapioca flour appears.

So that the overall smell and taste is influenced by the work process of the factory, so pay attention to the factory you choose!

4. Ash produced after burning.

                                                                Picture Source :

In determining the quality of coconut briquette charcoal according to the ash produced, it is actually only based on the ash content, this is the main key, because the less ash produced, the better the shisha/hookah experience felt.
A good ash content for super premium quality is usually in the range of 1.5% – 2%, while for premium quality the maximum is 2.5%.

In addition to the ash content, there are other considerations that are usually decisive as well, namely the color of ash, the color of the ash produced does not actually determine the quality of a charcoal briquette, because it is also influenced by the raw materials used, a good ash color is same evenly, there are no black spots and not too white.

If any supplier or manufacturer claims that their charcoal produces a very white ash, be careful because of the possibility of using bleaching chemicals. You can check a post about ash color from Shamancoal by clicking this link.

5. Charcoal Briquette burning process.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette black spot

When burning coconut charcoal briquettes, the first thing to pay attention to is how long it takes to ignite the charcoal briquettes, a good charcoal briquette can be ignited after being burned for 3-4 minutes per side, then it can be left on until it burns completely by itself.

After the coconut briquette charcoal is fully burned, make sure there is no strong odor and excessive spark, besides that the briquette charcoal must be brightly lit, this can indicate the ash content produced is also thin

Make sure there are no black spots on the briquettes, for example black spots can be seen from the photo above, the left side has no black spots, while the right side has lots of black spots or small unburned chunks, this indicates a mixture of raw materials between wood and coconut shell charcoal residue dust.

6. Conclusion for you shisha/hookah coal brand.

In order to get your product accepted on the shisha market in any country. You must have links with some of the most well-known supply chains in the world, where you can list or offer the sale of your products on several marketplaces for shisha.

In running this business, clear and careful planning must be carried out, if you need a supplier who can help you grow your business.
Natura Charcoal Indonesia is ready to serve and provide the best service in supporting the procurement of quality products at competitive prices to the market, you can immediately press the whatsapp button on your screen and we will meet there.

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